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I made this short video as a Rogue One warm up!

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Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them ~ Spoiler Review

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Here's a short review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them! 
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*Let Us Prey* World Premiere + Meeting with Ser Davos!

Thursday at the BIFFF was the world premiere of the movie Let Us Prey by Brian O'Malley. 

"An enigmatic stranger is detained in a remote police station and gradually takes over the minds of inmates and staff. (IMDB page)"

-The very good acting, especially for Liam Cunningham
-The ambience, dark and "old school killer movies" like
-The storyline and the original vision of the Devil
-The great gory scenes
-The crows (except the generic, they are real crows!)

-the story could be a little bit more developed 

I had the incredible opportinity to meet Liam Cunningham alias Ser Davos in Game of Thrones!!! After the diffusion of the movie and the Q&A with the whole movie crew , I took a selfie with him and my brother and he did an autograph on my ticket! (Gosh, I was soooo happy!) (Extreme fangirliiiiing!)

Durant la première mondiale de Let Us Pray (Brian O'Malley) qui eu lieu au BIFFF, j'ai eu l'énorme opportunité de rencontrer Liam Cunningham qui n'est autre que Ser Davos de Game of Thrones!!! Résultat un selfie et un ticket dédicacé, appelez moi Fangirl!

BIFFF 2014


Tomorrow will be the last day of the 32d edition of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF). As all the previous editions it was 13 days of pure pleasure  and as every time you could find an awesome movies selection (Horror, SciFi,Fantasy, Thriller,...) with a lot of world premieres, a zombies walk and a zombie night, the awesome "Bal des Vampires"(a disguised bal), the "Nocturne" (one night/4 movies) body painting and makeup artists, Cuvée des Trolls delicious beer and a lot of amazing things!

Movies I've watched:






This edition was absolutely awesome and I'm already soooo excited for the upcoming edition!!!

Demain sera le dernier jour de la 32eme édition du Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF). Comme toutes les éditions précédentes, ce fut 13 jours de pur bonheur. On y trouvait bien sur une magnifique sélection de films (Horror, SciFi,Fantasy, Thriller,...) avec de nombreuses Avant Premières mondiales, une zombie walk et une zombie night, le superbe "Bal des Vampires" (bal déguisé), la Nocturne (une nuit/4 films et bien d'autres surprises), du body painting et des make up artists, de la délicieuse Cuvée des Trolls et bien d'autres choses encore! Le tout organisé par des bénévoles connaisseurs et passionnés, on leur dit merci!